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M SQUARED - Pardon Me For Barging In Like This

VOD 62 - May/June 2009

5LP Vinyl Box set (plus a 10") containing a variety of rare recordings coming out of M2 during 1979-1983. It contains a mix of material seen elsewhere here + some that was found in the vaults and cellars of Sydney and the Blue Mountains. It's been beautifully remastered from original source tapes and cassettes and sounds far better than my previous archival attempts. A CD version for Australian release will be available at a later date (once these have all sold, I imagine). ACRA, Gibson, Scats all sound great and the early MotDTF stuff fills out the void around them. 

LP 1 “Waiting for you to come home” - Scattered Order

A1 Tanks
A2 Violent 4
A3 Fun
A4 Untitled
A5 Still happily
A6 What / Not now
A7 Greek Airport 80
A8 This is a song about love
A9 Count your blessings

B1 Hold my cold hand
B2 Giant
B3 Waiting for you to come home
B4 Teenage romance
B5 Because they are more difficult
B6 Last one / Another song
B7 Motionless
B8 Blood is your blood
B9 Star star delta 

LP 2 "Tsk! Not another bloody world!" - Patrick Gibson / Systematics

A1 Modra Inara
A2 When a Band of Men
A3 Yellow Suit Weighing Machine
A4 Put Your Trust in God
A5 Swimming
A6 New Zealand
A7 I Needle the Oven
A8 Hydrobes

B1 5/4 Fisted Tales of the Holy Trinity
B2 The Master Plan Ain’t Worth It
B3 Corner
B4 Children
B5 Drowning Man
B6 We, Him and Us Three (Instrumental) 

LP 3 “Style Noodle” - The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast

A1 Jacinto
A2 Urchin
A3 Brooding Buffalo
A4 Sea Heads – Part 1
A5 Sea Heads – Part 2
A6 Industrial Baby

B1 Tournament
B2 Broken Down Mission
B3 Slo Wasser
B4 Sloop
B5 Old Shoe
B6 Vexing Questions
B7 Every One A Winner 

LP 4 “mrrk + MRRK” - A Cloakroom Assembly

A1 Tom salted
A2 Clock Tom Snare
A3 Snaregrrr
A4 Keeping Apprehension Time
A5 Drolling Rolling
A6 Tom Tom Tom
A7 Overhead Whoop
A8 The Airside
A9 The swing box
A10 Raft

B1 Retreat 1.10
B2 Retreat 1.08
B3 Tuesday Night
B4 Retreat 1.11
B5 Retreat 1.04 

LP 5 “Your Company’s logo here *” - Selection

A1 “Knife on top” - Prod
A2 “Dusk” - Height / Dismay
A3 “Eating paper” - East End Butchers
A4 “Day glo” - Prod
A5 “A minute later the judge fell over the edge” - Jonathan Dunshea
A6 “Jet Boy survives the Fall” - Prod

B1 “Making babies in heaven” - A Volatile T Shirt
B2 “Blood pressure in the sand” - Height / Dismay
B3 “The elephant freak” - East End Butchers
B4 “Iranian rockabilly” - Pleasant Peasants
B5 “Crack in the Radiator Head” - Shane Fahey
B6 “Untitled” - Height / Dismay
B7 “Nautical engineering” - A Volatile T Shirt
B8 “A run for your parlour” - Shane Fahey 

10 inch EP “What we did in the evenings” - The Systematics, live at the Capitol Theatre

A1 Suicide Beach
A2 Vanessa Teratology
A3 Fat Cows Go Down An Eastern Beach
A4 Die For My House

B1 When I’m Older
B2 Bovine
B3 Look At My Body 

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