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"a play for radio, a play for today"

remastered at home from excellent quality cassette

01 Intro
02 Another Dreary Day
03 The Drowning Man (1)
04 A Tale To Tell
05 X-ville
06 Swapped Babies
07 A Letter From M Bimson
08 Thoughts
09 We, Him and Us Three (2)
10 Off They Go
11 Dr Lindsay (3)
12 A Despicable Old Quack
13 Wedding Plans For Molly (4)
14 Stay Tuned
15 The Angel's Rap (5)
16 The Nerve Of That Girl
17 Bridge Building For Frank (6)
18 The Biggest Bridge
19 It's All So Futile
20 Dilemma For Johnny (7)
21 Breakfast
22 Nurse, Haggis For Everyone
23 Nourishment
24 Johnny Changed
25 Finale (8)
26 Credits

Written, produced and directed by Patrick Gibson from an idea of Felicity Neale’s. Recorded at M Squared.

Scott Holmes - Your host
Felicity Neale - Narrator
Patrick Gibson - Johnny
Nivek Thompson - Molly
Phil Turnbull - Frank
Modra Bebris - Ngaira Bimson & Nurse Blanchworth
Jim Gibson - The Drowning Man
Lindsay O’Meara - Dr Lindsay

Chorus (8):
Craig Wilcox, Jill O’Meara, Felicity, Patrick, Jim, Nivek, Meredith Adams.

Malcolm McCallum, Martin Moore, Michael Filewood, Polly Newman, John Bliss, Michele Rose, Tony Martin, Patrick Gibson.

all tunes (numbered) by PG with FN:2&4 NT/MB:5 PT:6

This radio play took months to make but still sounds fresh and lively. Yes, it's obvious that most of us were untrained actors. Yes, it's also obvious that the script doesn't flow as much as it should even though Patrick edited the thing heavily. And, yes, it's absolutely obvious that it was fun to make. Just possibly, someone hearing it for the first time might enjoy it as much as we did. 

Highlights include the joyous melody of "We, Him and Us Three", Lindsay's fractious Scottish accent, Jim Gibson's roly-poly voice (he sounds the best of all of us) and the time when Modra finally got that line right (although you'd never know that it took so long): "What's the difference does a day make?", indeed.

Some of the songs were performed live on No Night Sweats last performance.

Re-Issues Main Menu

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