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Re-mastered at home from reasonable to good quality cassettes.

The Limp : 15/11/1980 Premier Hotel, Newcastle
The full bill was Tames, Limp, Wild West, Pel Mel

01 instrumental (jungle)
02 instrumental (bossa)
03 instrumental (jingle)
04 home movies
05 instrumental (pulsing)
06 fragment (you dont get)

The Limp : 03/04/1981 SideFX, Darlinghurst
The full bill was Tames, Goat, Peghead, Limp, Big Band, Montany Phase (whoever they were), Via Veneto

07 Ghost Train
08 Pony Club
09 Red Circles

Pel Mel : Out Of Reason LP 1982

10 Blind Lead The Blind
11 Don't Come Looking
12 Overboard
13 Heartbeat
14 Screaming Heart
15 Shoes Should Fit
16 Barrel Of Laughs
17 Current
18 Drowning
19 Logic Failing

I'm fairly certain that the Newcastle show was a very early performance by the band. There's very little singing and, instead, there's lots of sub-Terry Riley synths and guitars - great stuff all round. The tracks from the SideFX show are the only ones that sounded anywhere near respectable. 

The Pel Mel LP is a weird thing overall - the quirky, colourful cover with Monkees-like poses of the band members on the back gives no real idea of the angst ridden lyrical bent (mainly to do with writers block). This was recorded  at the stage when they picked up wholeheartedly on funk (like many of the bands did at that time). Too bad none of us were very funky. A couple of great songs, though.

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