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JMM / SCAPA FLOW LIVE 1980-1981 (2cds)

Re-mastered at home from reasonable to excellent quality cassettes.

Rockgarden 16.05.1980
01 D Sharp
02 LBW
03 Endless Sleep
04 Human Bird
05 Fish
06 Nation Of Three
07 Take A Walk
08 She Said
09 Waiting For The 394
10 Somewhere

Heritage 14.06.1980
01 Nation Of Three
02 LBW
03 Take A Walk
04 Endless Sleep
05 Telephone Messages
06 She Said
07 The End
08 Cat Spitting on a Sidewalk
09 Fish
10 On A Bus
11 D Sharp

Unknown Venue 1981
12 Cat Spitting on a Sidewalk
13 Waltz (instrumental)
14 Holding Her Shoulders
15 Without Me

Some song names are made up by me. The Heritage show is particularly hard and punky. But, like all their performances, both the performers and the audience seem to give up about half way through. It may simply have been a lack of tunes. The last gig has terrific in-crowd recorded sound - more cheers to Tim V who obviously got better as the years rolled on.

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