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Laughing Outlaw Records

Release date in Australia: Oct 10th

01. tch-tch-tch - Pop Art (Brophy) 3.28 
1979 Crystal Ballroom single [Rubber Music.Sony-ATV]
02. Sacred Cowboys - Hell Sucks (Gray.Ferrie.Doolan.Rischbieth) 3.38 
Track on 1988 Citadel LP Trouble from Providence [Greasy Pole]
03. Wet Taxis - C'mon (Hood) 3.02 [Control] 
1984 Hot single.
04. Seems Twice - Look at It (Douglas.Molloy.Yatras) 0.33 
Track on 1980 Doublethink EP Non-Plussed [Control]
05. Saints - Wild About You (Andy Anderson) 2.34 [Control] 
Track on 1977 EMI LP Stranded (P) 1977 EMI Music Australia Pty Ltd. 
06. Leftovers - I Only Panic When There's Nothing to Do (Leftovers)1.47 
1979 Punji Stick single [Control]
07. Last Words - Animal World (Baxter.Groome) 2.40 [Control] 
1978 Remand single.
08. Razar - Task Force (Burke) 2.20 [Control] 
1978 single.
09. Thought Criminals - More Suicides Please (Grierson) 2.28 
Track on 1979 Doublethink EP Food for Thoughtcrimes [TreaTmenTsongs]
10. XL Capris - My City of Sydney (Leonetti.Troupe) 2.39 [Leeds] 
1980 Axle single.
11. Manikins - I Never Thought I'd Find (Fernandes.Porritt) 3.03 
1978 single [Australis]
12. Boys Next Door - Sex Crimes (Cave) 3.03 [Birthday Party P.L] 
1978 demo.
13. Seems Twice - Column One (Douglas.Molloy.Yatras) 0.16 
Track on 1980 Doublethink EP Non-Plussed [Control]
14. Young Charlatans - Shivers (Howard) 3.51 
Previously unreleased 1978 demo [Mushroom Music]
15. Young Modern - She's Got the Money (Richards.Yates.Dowler) 2.58 
1978 Top Gear single [Control]
16. Triffids - Family Name (D. McComb) 3.32 [Mushroom Music] 
Track on 1983 cassette Dungeon Tapes
17. Sekret Sekret - Girl with a White Stick (Virgin.Devlin) 3.29 
1984 Waterfront single [Happy Town Sounds]
18. Surfside 6 - Cool in the Tube (Datson.Courtenay.McAloon) 3.05 
1980 Phantom single [Control]
19. Voigt.465 - State (Voigt.465) 2.10 [Control] 
1979 U.W.E. single. Licensed courtesy Phil Turnbull
20. Tactics - Long Story (Studdert) 4.01 [PolyGram] 
Track on 1981 Green LP My Houdini
21. Whirlywirld - Red River (Olsen) 4.17 [Control] 
Track on 1980 Missing Link 12" EP Whirlywirld
22. Primitive Calculators - Do That Dance (Grant.Lavece) 2.43 
1980 Slow Drama single [Control] . Restored by Simon Grounds
23. Systematics - Mmmm (Gibson) 1.56 
Track on 1980 M Squared LP Rural [Control]
24. Super-K - Recurring Nightmare (Shepherd.Thirkell) 4.51 
1982 Green single [Sony.ATV]
25. New Christs - No Way on Earth (Younger) 4.13 
Track on 1989 Blue Mosque LP, Distemper [Control]
26. *** *** - Study for Falling Apart (*** ***) 1.42 [Control] 
Track on Fast Forward cassette magazine # 4, 1981
27. Black Assassins - Death Take Me Now (Black Assassins) 2.08 
1981 recording [Control]
28. Lonely Hearts - Last Kiss (Watson.Rooney) 2.04 
1981 Half-an-Arc single [Glove Box Music]

1. Equal Local - 12 Ways to Go (Jackson) 3.53 
1982 Missing Link 12" single [Control]
2. Laughing Clowns - Ghost Beat (Kuepper) 3.20 [Universal] 
Track on 1981 Prince Melon LP Laughing Clowns #3
3. Poles - Over & Beyond & Through (Tate.Bolland) 4.53 
1981 single [Control]
4. Scientists - Happy Hour (Salmon.Thewlis) 3.33 
1982 Au-Go-Go single [Universal.Control]
5. Birthday Party - Release the Bats (Harvey.Cave) 2.30 
1981 4AD (UK) single [Birthday Party P.L]
6. GoBetweens - Darlinghurst Nights (Forster.McLennan) 5.47 
Track on 2005 EMI album Oceans Apart [Festival] (P) 2005 Lo-Max Records
7. Sunday Painters - Something to Do (Erwin.McKinnon.Raengel) 3.54 
Track on 1982 Terminal LP Something to Do [Control]
8. Essendon Airport - Talking to Cleopatra (Goodge.Chesworth.Sanger) 3.43
1980 Innocent single [Control.Festival]
9. Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened (Ellard.Bradbury.Knuckey) 3.22 
1984 Gap single [Virgin]
10. Machinations - Average Inadequacy (Doyle.Loneragan.Swan.Starr)4.21 
1981 Phantom single [Mushroom Music] (P) 1982 Mushroom Records Pty Ltd
11. Sardine - Stuck On You (I. & S. Rilen) 4.12 
Track on 1983 Phantom 12" EP I Hate You [EMI]
12. X - TV Glue (Rilen.Lucas) 4.25 [EMI] 
Track on 1985 Major LP At Home with You
13. Hunters & Collectors - The Slab (Hunters & Collectors) 3.56 
1984 White Label single [Human Frailty.Mushroom Music]
14. End - My Confession (Myers) 2.53 [Control] 
1983 single.
15. Plug Uglies - All Done In (Gorman.Lock.Norris.Stevens) 2.41 
Track on 1989 mini-album Knock Me Your Lobes [Control]
16. Apartments - All You Wanted (Walsh) 3.50 
1984 Hot single [Complete Music] Licensed courtesy Peter Milton Walsh
17. Saints - Ghost Ships (Bailey) 3.41 
1984 RCA single [Lost-Mushroom] Licensed courtesy C.J. Bailey
18. Lighthouse Keepers - Springtime (Appel) 4.20 [Control] 
Track on 1983 Guthagga Piepline LP Exploding Lighthouse Keepers
19. David Chesworth - Making Waves (Chesworth) 1.17 [Control] 
Track on 1979 Innocent LP 50 Synthesizer Greats

NB - Update - CD2 actually has twenty tracks with "Wild Down Home" by Clinton Walker's mid 80's band The Killer Sheep at the un-announced track 19 followed by Chesworth at track 20.

Executive Producer: Stuart Coupe
Production Assistant: Dan Zilber
Mastering & vinyl restoration: Don Bartley
Liner Notes, Family Tree: Clinton Walker
Front Cover (1981): Philip Brophy (1981)
Design (2005) and Artwork: Jim Paton
The producer would like to thank: All the acts in the first place and their survivors and representatives, and record companies, who ensured their presence here; and Stuart, Don, Phil and Jim, plus Paul Glover, Ben Whitten, Bruce Milne, Phil Turnbull, Dave Studdert, Bruce Milne and Steve Connell.

So here it is - this huge, demanding epic of a compilation. Although I haven't heard it as yet, It certainly reaches into just about every corner of the miasma that was Australian Post-Punk. To many it will seem like a definitive statement of the times which is unfortunate but that seems to be the way of the world. However, the book definitely can carry that accolade.

Update - well, my copy finally arrived and... I'm fairly under whelmed by the overall feel of the thing. Despite the breadth of the songs of offer, it comes over as an alterna-rock fest more than anything else. And, yes, I know that this is what the majority of oz-rock was like and remains to this day but it's just so plain and un-progressive. Still and all, some great stuff on offer. And... It's quite weird to have the track I'm involved in positioned after the Surfside 6 of all things!

Update 2 - 24th Nov. 2005 - I may have seemed far too harsh in the last little assessment as CD2 has some very good material indeed. I absolutely loathed "Average Inadequacy" at the time, thinking it was a pale imitation of the great synth driven music of the time, but hearing it now it's a fine, catchy pop song - nothing else but at least as good as some of the more esoteric material. And many of the other tracks on that CD are of similar or better quality. I think the problem is that the scope of the book and comp is so broad that the best stuff gets lost amongst some dire material. By this I mean the more rock based  tracks on CD1. Obviously, a selection from my own archives + Can't Stop It + Tales + this would give the best overview... Get them up in the player of your own choice and give it a whirl.

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