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Some live recordings remastered at home from average quality cassettes.

Grab A Guitar - First Gig : Garibaldi's 09-05-80
(recorded by Lindsay)
01 This Widening Effect
02 Sleep
03 Venture
04 Talk
05 Fork
06 Newspaper
07 No Contact
08 9 Blue
09 Sleep
10 That's A Story
11 Picnic
12 Lucifer Sam
13 Venture
14 This Widening Effect
15 Newspaper

Wild West - Last Gig : Brownies Aug 81
(recorded by Tim)
16 Sleep
17 Picnic
18 Locking
19 Red Sea
20 Coast
21 Chinchilla
22 We Can Do
23 C-est Chic du noise
24 Dissappear

God The Movie - Metropole 23-05-80
(recorded by Tim)
25 Picnic

Wild West - 1981
(recorded by Tim)
26 Drop It - Parish Hall, Surry Hills
27 The One I Know - Governor's Pleasure, The Rocks

A selection of fairly good recordings. Some of the 1st and last gigs are particularly memorable for whatever reason. Track list may be augmented with some other songs as well later on.

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