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remastered at home from excellent quality cassette

A collection of, mainly, unreleased PG material from a wide ranging timespan. Some has that later Ya Ya / NNS electro spirit whilst others are more stately and experimental. A true talent. 

Here's what he has to say about some of the tracks [with my comments in square brackets] :

01. 5-4 Fisted Tales Of The Holy Trinity 04:03
I know sometimes in the 8th C some monk worked out how many fists a three-in-one deity would have, and I know there is a name for the pursuit of such erudition, but we'll pretend that unlike two fisted human smack-'em-deads, gods play on a higher dimensional plane. The image of the 3 of them riding through the sky of Nevada on the Holy Spirit's Dollar Sign still haunts me.

02. Children 01:46
This would have appeared on the Prowse/Gibson cassette release "Two Separate/Is The Truck On Fire" but it was held back for inclusion on the planned 'B Selection' LP which never made it beyond our skulls. I'm very fond of this, particularly the eerie voice which fortuitously mimics the mysterious tones of the alien in the "Bollero Shield" episode of the Outer Limits.

03. Disney On Ice 05:09
Used to be called This Man's Eraserhead, dates from 1980, when I first saw it and I think it's pretty good. D on I now because of it's Use in an OCA story detailing Disney's cryogenic suspension, or fear of afterlife.

04. Drowning Man 02:01
[main vocals by Phil T in this version, later used in Look Within Upon Everything (LwuE)]

05. God's Buzzsaw (original backing tracks) 02:55
[this must have originally been something that Pat brought to No Night Sweats but which was used for Ya Ya instead] I wish I'd thought of it at the time - The Lord Is Coming to Me would have been so much better as The Lord Is Humming To Me... ah, well, we're said to learn from our mistakes.

06. No Consultation 03:26
Used finally in LwuE, this was a melody written circa Pulp Baby. No Consultation being something our Sri Lankan geography teacher Mr Das would say to us in lieu of the more familiar 'shut up'.

07. Organ Drift 07:51
Originally titled 'Some Mysterious E Tone' this was recorded c. 1981 and used the stops on the organ with some of it's keys taped down to produce precisely what it's new title invokes. I hadn't heard anything like it before, at the time.

08. Reggae Organ 06:23
I never got into ganja all that much, and this was something I could never figure out what to do with.

09. [Unknown - 'Look Within' Outtake] 03:00

10. 2X Table 03:03
I Had a career writing the blandest possible songs for educational and christian TV in mind, or one where I'd come up with the sound effects for commercials, but apart from the patronising delivery, this is one of my favourite chord progressions of all; finally used in LwuE.

11. We Him and Us Three (no vocals) 03:47
Another tune from LwuE, without the vocals; not without an instrumental charm. The 'lead' melody was played on something I wanted to approximate the kind of electronic kazoo sound used in the Don Preston section of King Kong on Uncle Meat. [this is one of my favourite chord progressions]

12. [Unknown - Phased Electro] 04:11
[sounds like a perfect Ya Ya choral track]

13. [Unknown - Slow 'Reels'] 02:56
[shades of later Reels material - psuedo orchestral - lovely]

14. …and Height Dismay / [Unknown - Drone] 00:52

15. … and Michael Tee / Air 02:12
I don't think we had a name for these pieces we did together but it may as well have been called A Volatile T Shirt or Pleasant Peasants or indeed Gibson Tea, an actual product, so we'll call it that. The xylo sound is actually glasses and jars filled with water, a synth regularly exhaling and a kind of aerial guitar motif, all meant to suggest altitude.

16. … and Michael Tee / Eno Thing 03:19

17. … and Michael Tee / Nautical Engineering 02:18
It's a synth sound with banging on the hull, the title inspired I think by a documentary I'd seen at the time about undersea life in an oil rig, breathing some unnatural balance of nitrogen and oxygen during their weeks of decompression.

18. …and Michael Tee / Orchestra 08:23
This was a long loop of an orchestra tuning up that Michael Tee made and subsequently treated. It was originally used in a production of Ionesco's The Bald Prima-Donna staged at SideFX (memory challenge) in 1980 starring... but no. Since then it's turned up on a number of T related projects, notably Track 1 of Tom Tom Tom [this could be that track]

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