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Chopped Up

01. What You Say, What You Do 02:57
02. Break In Two 04:04
03. See Her Run 03:17
04. Red Bike 03:34
05. Said It Before 02:44
06. Dreamin' 03:00
07. I Can't Believe 03:19
08. Say You Will 03:01

Moral Fibro

09. Travelling 03:12
10. [unknown] 03:12
11. 24 Hours from Tulsa 03:50
12. Let's Make Time 04:40
13. Werner Spits 04:09
14. I'm Precise 03:16
15. Take A Walk In The Sun 03:08
16. The Big, Big Shilling 04:12
17. Steam Diver 03:43
18. Incident 03:25

Another later Tim V in-crowd recording where the recording equiptment and media were substantially better than they were in earlier years. Comparing this to the 1982 Tinkily Bonk Ball in the same venue shows just how far his technique had improved. Unfortunately, he'd lost most of his interest by this stage.

Chopped Up were the merging of elements from within Scapa Flow and Hope Is A New Coat. Mark and Michael from Scapa provided the songs, the technical ability and the tight backbone for Jill's substantial bass parts and Kathy's elemental rock/soul vocals. All songs are well played, well written and fully formed. Another surprise package from Tim's vaults. [NB - the song titles are made up by me]

Moral Fibro's set is also excellent. The first section contains just the main core of the band and show Moira's talents at vocalising and between song patter. Werner Spits (I think that's the introduction) is the best thing - moody, jazzy and with good, strong lyrics. The 2nd and 3rd last songs were sung by guest 'stars'. The Big, Big Shilling has me on vocals. I'd completely forgotten about this song for 20 years until I heard it whilst it was going through the digitising process. Then all my memories collapsed - I had such huge stage fright this night, worse than I'd ever had before and it shows a bit. Anyway, the song sounds lovely, if a bit overblown - me in complete crooner mode. Kathy makes another appearance to sing Steam Diver which is a terrific funky number that they recorded in the studio later on.

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