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Chapter Music - CH

Released in March 2007

01. The Systematics - International Voltage 01:57
02. International Exiles - Let's Be Sophisticated 02:56
03. Asphixiation - The Crush 04:15
04. Tactics - Watch My Hands 02:07
05. Severed Heads - Lamborghini 03:49
06. The Goat That Went "Om" - The Pirate Song 01:49
07. Use No Hooks - Do The Job 05:59
08. Microfilm - Centrefold 02:48
09. Scattered Order - Swiss Like Knives and Forks 03:29
10. The Jetsonnes - Newspaper 03:53
11. Rhythmx Chymx - The Now Generation 02:07
12. Brrr Cold - Mothers At War 03:51
13. SoliPsiK - See Saw 02:26
14. Wild Dog Rodeo - Charging The Lighthouse 06:11
15. Belle Du Soir - Treasure Island 02:22
16. Ya Ya Choral - God's Buzzsaw 02:55
17. Essendon Airport - I Feel A Song Coming On 03:34
18. The Swell Guys - Sidetracking 01:55
19. Scapa Flow - Somewhere 02:42
20. Nuvo Bloc - Never Mind 04:39

I played a very small part in the song selection for this compilation (by passing on a lot of tracks to Guy) so please note that there may be some bias in my opinion towards it. I do have some slight issues with the track ordering but this doesn't detract from the breadth of talent on display: I really do think that this is even better than the 1st release. The tracks from bands mentioned at this site are all excellent and I'm glad to see Scapa Flow, Brrr Cold and The Goat... finally get some recognition. The Melbourne bands have a distinct dance edge that most Sydney bands couldn't match (The Crush is just wonderful electro crunch) and the tribal/world element in some of the 81-82 releases is a real surprise. I really don't think there's a dud track on this one so thanks once again to Mr Blackman for valuing this old music so much. 

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