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Re-mastered at home from a good quality cassettes.

01 Spikey Mexican
02 Dissappear
03 We Can Do (aborted)
04 The One I Know
05 We Can Do
06 Calling The House
07 Locking
08 Chinchilla
09 Newspaper
10 That's Set
11 New Associations
12 Should I Walk
13 Why We Talk
14 Bobbies
15 Fascistic
16 Bagworm Rhumba

01 Big Foot
02 People Trapped
03 The Dance Is On
04 [unknown]
05 Ipaneema Mon Amour
06 Just A Dream
07 No Word From China
08 [unknown]
09 [unknown]
10 Click Clack
11 [unknown]
12 [unknown]
13 [unknown]
14 Water
15 Blood Will Show
16 Space Between Walls
17 Love and War
18 System and Ultimatum

Recorded very well by Tim V with slightly boomy bass from Rod at the mixing desk. This gig came from the time when Wild West and Pel Mel seemed inseperable. Drum duties were taken up by Dave Weston for half of WW's set with Lindsay on the later songs and, ofcourse, a drum machine on a couple. He then went back on and performed the whole show with Pel Mel. I think it was fairly soon after this that he stopped playing with WW completely to concentrate on a re-jigged, more funkified Pel Mel.

The Wild West tracks with Dave are all pretty good but the rest go from fairly striking down to almost abominable. However, this recording does contain yet another song that I'd forgotten about and which isn't on any other recording - Why We Talk. It's a quite good, half formed piece with almost jazzy syncopated 'piano' - my what playing 'chops' I had! I'm not sure why we didn't work on it more as it could have become a terrific song with the some changes to the chord progression in the chorus.

The Pel Mel tracks are, as usual, played very well and with a lot of energy. This 2nd phase of their career saw them becoming less interested in The Cure and so on, relying more on their own writing talents. Sometimes this works really well but there's a few tracks that have a sameness about the chords and melodies which detracts from the overall effect.

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