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Collected studio recordings. All were remastered at home from good quality cassette.

01 Green Tea 
02 Who’s Gonna Help Me Now 
03 Nights In A Glass 
04 Dogs And Dogs 
05 Harry Wong’s Cat 
06 I’ll Fix Up This Thread 
07 The Cedar Bench 
08 Come And See The Silly Work 
09 Two Unbidden Cups 
10 Man From El Paso 
11 Salad Days 
13 Mucky Wishes 
14 Outside An Alley 
15 The Common Word 
16 Cool In The Tube With My Tabla Lovin’ Woman 
17 My Little Laugh Till It Hurts Babies 
18 Questions Are Singing 
19 A Sweaty Christmas
20 S-S-S-Single Bed 
21 The Goodbye Song 
22 Singalonganightsweat
23 The Gundegai Coolabah
24 My Willow Tips 

Track 09 was released on the UK's "Beyond The Southern Cross" compilation. Colin Greenwood, from Radiohead, calls the comp seminal, even - phew-eee, fame at last. 
Track 23 was released on the Italian "Tracks 83" compilation of 'national anthems' and was recently rejected by the 2JJJ morning crew for use in their own national anthem competition (no reason supplied). All the rest have remained unreleased.

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