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very good quality vinyl

(Makers Of) The Dead Travel Fast - Zoom < Zero (1982?)
01 Speed
02 Twisting Toxic Forms
03 Nerve
04 Out and In
05 Cove
06 Fibrephone
07 Three Heads
08 Dry Rot Vines

Their difficult 2nd (and last) album. But, all in all, it's probably their best release, mixing grand surreal text with sweeping, minutely arranged music whilst keeping the tweeness at bay.

Primitive Calculators - Glitter Kids 7" (2004)
09 Glitter Kids
10 Lullaby
11 Signals

Recorded live at the Champion Hotel Fitzroy in 1979 and released on Meeuw Muzak much, much later. Still the same stuff. No more need be said.

Upside Down House - Mauve Xylophone (1982) 
12 Maintenant
13 The Wonderful Curse
14 The Massacre of the Three Ballerinas
15 Quincy's Mauve Xylophone
16 Weird Dessert!

It says 'mixed at M-Squared with the help of Patrick Gibson' which doesn't even hint at the barrel of trouble it seemed to un-cinch. Far, far better than the live recordings and less strained than on the 'Southern Cross' compilation, the legacy of the Laughing Clowns is still too evident but they sound reasonably prescient in these days of shambolic avant-folk.

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