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remastered from good quality cassettes

The ??ucelande?? - Demos
01 Don't Get Me Wrong, Girl
02 Nothing Really Happened Anyway
03 Livin' Life Away
04 [Unknown]
05 You Know
06 [Unknown]
07 [Unknown]
08 Number 3 (version 1)
09 Number 3 (version 2)
10 Number 3 (version 3)
11 [Unknown]

Just down from the country and recording on the fly. A real find that PN never needs to find out about.

Pat Gibson - Edelwiess
12 I Wanna Hold Your Hand
13 Eidelweiss
14 What's New Pussycat
15 Runaway
16 Hello Dolly
17 Swing Low Sweet Chariot
18 The Donkey Serenade
19 She Loves Like Diamonds
20 Ghost Riders

Information is sketchy on this project at the moment but will be filled in later. Pat and others singing over the top of augmented lounge LPs.

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