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remastered from good quality cassettes and vinyl

Swell Guys - Single 1980
01. 1-1 Songs 03:04
02. 2-1 Sidetracking 01:53
03. 2-2 Smack In The Head 02:01

Early No-V-Bleet band with a real drummer and a poppier outlook. Charms the pants on first listen and gives some discreet glimpses of how they would sound quite soon.

The Limp - Unreleased single
04. Animal Kingdom 04:37
05. Outer Space Moth 02:49

Recorded just before the Newcastle crew left for Sydney at the teacher's college and for a quicky release as part of an art exhibition. The whole story is quite interesting - see the memoirs section.

Crime and the City Solution - Demos Melb CAE 23-26/07/1979
06. Accidental Actor 03:07
07. Moments (mix one) 03:43
08. Moments (mix two) 03:44
09. Platform 02:59
10. Even Quiet Boys 02:55

A band that I always admired when they were in Sydney for their swaggering attitude more than anything else. These demos sound tentative, under-rehearsed and faint imitations of the live performances I remember. Not sure if Lindsay was in the band by this stage but the bass playing doesn't sound like his style.

Seems Twice - Metropole 1980
11. The Civic's Dead 00:44
12. 2 Real Arafat 00:27
13. 1980S 00:24
14. I Have Nothin 00:17

The last 4 tracks I can find of this perfect little band containing 3 songs not previously available. Look at those minutes and secounds!

Ya Ya Choral - Demos (pre What's a Quaver)
15. Waiting Time 02:41
16. No Control (instr) 02:38
17. Tree Lined Street (instr) 03:09
18. Nonsense 01:59
19. [Instrumental] 02:07
20. [Instrumental] 03:00

Some terrific moments on this group of songs. Nonsense was the version finally released on WaQ. Waiting Time is obviously an early version as they hadn't quite pinned down the loping bass element. The 2 instrumentals are similar in style to each other and seem like experiments more than anything else.

Maestros and Dipsos - Last recordings 1985?
21. Jack Of Hearts 03:27
22. Cactus Flower 03:45
23. Warning 03:38
24. Sensitive Guys 03:16
25. Jack Of Hearts (2) 03:26
26. Cactus Flower (2) 03:44
27. Warning (2) 03:41
28. Sensitive Guys (2) 03:19

Once again, the studio lets down a great band. All the bands really needed a proper producer who could eek out the best performances but, unfortunately, that never happened. At least the songs are fantastic with the standout being Sensitive Guys - all tinkling guitars, intricate melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

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