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remastered from good quality cassettes

Comments by Pat Gibson after titles with mine in [square brackets].

01. (Makers Of) The Dead Travel Fast / No Threat 04:10
A rough mix of track 1 side 1 of The Vessels, not included on Garage D'Or for reasons best known to Shane.

02. Brrr Cold / Mothers At War 03:52
[from a slightly better quality cassette than the other version I've previously remastered]. At one stage we were thinking of releasing a 'B Selection' to follow on from 'A Selection' and quite a few bands were recorded that may have filled it's grooves. This is one such.

03. Chit Chat / News 02:34
As for track 02 - featured Sylvi Porss on vocals, Malcolm Macallum (from Terminal Twist) on drums and, I think, Alec Iceton from The Same on guitar. [Quite a pleasant new wave pop / rock piece - the vocals are almost as warbly as David Surkamp]

04. Hope Is A New Coat / Nothing To Complain About + Simple Minded 06:39
[Another version of these tracks which must, this time, have been recorded at M2. No idea why I left both songs on one track - tired, lazy, etc]

05. No Night Sweat / My Willow Tips 03:05
06. No Night Sweats / Salad Days (rough mix plus) 04:57
07. No Night Sweats / The Gundagai Coolabah 02:50
08. No Night Sweats / The One I Know 03:20
Why did we ever get rid of that lovely keyboard part at the end of Salad Days? I know we re-reocrded the vox, but those Casio parts are great! [I don't know Patrick, why DID we get rid of those... MWT is a full version with all recorded vocals, unlike the one on the NNS disk. SD is, indeed revalatory after all these years. GC sounds great here instead of from scratchy thin vinyl. And... The One I Know is a complete surprise as I'd forgotten that we'd tried it in NNS when it went to Wild West's later days.]

09. Severed Heads (with Fiona Graham) / Lambourghini 03:59
A pleasant Saturday afternoon's detente after the pig's head jape [I have no idea either, folks], and the voice Tom still wishes he could emulate. In other circumstances, the song is called Petrol, but this version was released in France in the early 1980's and, through no fault of the song, our bank accounts have remained unencumbered by French francs ever since.

10. The Same / 01 Why 02:35
11. The Same / 02 This Week's World Outlook 02:46
12. The Same / 03 Romance (With A Lightbulb) 02:32
13. The Same / Lies Like Mine 04:33
[vinyl to cassette to cd-r. same as always]

14. Wild West / Bottle (1st rough mix) 03:02
[Somewhat stronger sounding without the echo, reverb and so on. Great, great bass line.]

15. Ya Ya Choral / [unknown / Too Fat] 02:13
16. Ya Ya Choral / Bombadiere 01:32
17. Ya Ya Choral / Tree Lined Street 04:08
[More versions of these songs, I think, from different sessions to those released]

18. SoliPsiK / M2009 / Chamber Musik 03:08
19. SoliPsiK / M2009 / See Saw 02:24
[Is this the best thing that SPK ever released? I think so at least. Toghter, more fluent and less obnoxious than the rest.]

20. Prod / Contents One M2007 / A Brick Short 03:28
21. Prod / Contents One M2007 / Coming Attractions 01:08
22. Prod / Contents One M2007 / N.W.O.B. 04:55
23. Prod / Contents One M2007 / Walkers Walk 02:05
[Same versions as previously archived but this time from vinyl]

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