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(remastered from good quality cassettes and, prior to that from good quality vinyl, unless stated otherwise)

Pel Mel

Early singles
01 No Word From China
02 Ipanema Mon Amour

Persuasion LP
03 Persuasion
04 Mumbo Jumbo
05 Honey Bee
06 Foot Loose
07 That Girl Had A Gun
08 Pandemonium
09 Daylight
10 Tongue Tied
11 Rags To Tatters

Pandemonium 12" single
12 Pandemonium (12 inch)
13 Theme From Splash (12 inch)

Moral Fibro
(remastered from Patrick's cassette archive)
14 D6
15 Over The Sea
16 Take A Walk In The Sun
17 What Do I Say

18 A Brick Short
19 Walker's Walk
20 N.W.O.B.
21 Coming Attraction

Pel Mel: the early singles are still great stuff, possibly some of their best songs and, probably, the most connected to UK post-punk in this bunch. The LP and 12" single are all fine enough but the tunes aren't there for me.

The Moral Fibro tracks are all that they ever recorded (whilst on APP Archives #4 only 2 of these tracks appear). The cassette quality here is excellent too. "Over The Sea" is a Patrick song which, I think, re-appears later in Famous. "Coming Attraction" has Cathy Hopkins on vocals which prompted me to remember that, yes, all 3 of the singers performed live. A bit like a co-op, really.

The Prod 7" EP is lovely stuff, much different to the demo/experimental tracks on APP Archives #4 and sounds more like 90's post-rock than anything else.

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