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(remastered from poor - good quality cassettes unless stated otherwise)

The Limp - single
01 Marked Man

Pel Mel - Unreleased recordings?
02 Big Foot
03 System and Automation
04 Water

The Tame O'Mearas - practise session and live soundboard recordings
05 4 and 20 (practise)
06 Collision (practise)
07 Locus (practise)
08 Siren (practise)
09 How Much Longer (Live Newc s-b)
10 Wednesday Night 7PM (Live Newc s-b)
11 Why Much (Live Newc s-b)

Wild West - various bit and pieces
(EP - digitised from hardly played vinyl - still has big clicks and pops!)
12 Calling The House 
13 Chinchilla
14 Red Sea
15 We Can Do

(more stuff from the last M-Squared sessions)
16 Fascistic (inst)
17 Fascistic
18 New Associations (inst)
19 Should I Walk (a)
20 Should I Walk (b)

(more live things and an interview) 
21 That's Set (Live TUC)
22 Wait Now (Live)
23 2JJJ Interview

Ya Ya Choral - What's A Quaver EP
(digitised from very good quality vinyl)
24 1-1 - My Friend The Chocolate Cake
25 1-2 - Gee Lately
26 1-3 - Jolly Work
27 2-1 - Cowboys Are Pt 2
28 2-2 - Complain Your Way To Success
29 2-3 - You Ruined My Fun

Another single by the Limp which I'd forgotten about - maybe not as good as the others but still pleasant enough. The Pel Mel recordings are interesting and varied with Big Foot a highlight.

The Wild West stuff is the very last that I can find. I digitised the EP because the versions that we had professionally remastered (see 'Scratch Another Day' below) are, in the main, rough mixes and at least 2 tracks from the actual EP sound much better. Unfortunately, we must have purchased the cheapest vinyl from the pressing plant and, even though this copy has hardly been played, it has huge clicks and pops which I've only managed to clean up a little bit. The last M Squared recordings are all sub-standard songs and are of interest only to the rabid WW collector - I think that definition applies to me alone. The live things are pretty good too - Wait Now is another song I'd forgotten about.

The Ya Ya Choral EP is good stuff indeed. I'd forgotten about the symbiosis between Ya Ya and parts of The Reels (Polly and John play an important part in this release). [I can remember the first time I saw Polly and his ridiculous bat / flying fox pet - it used to shit everywhere he took it.] But this relationship isn't too surprising as they were the only 2 real electronic pop bands around at the time. "Cowboys Are Pt 2" is probably the definitive Ya Ya song for me along side of "Waiting Time" from "Such A Dutchman" - funny, erudite, lovingly played and arranged. Fiona's songs on this one are probably too staccato for her voice - to me, she always sounded better when it wasn't so forced - a bit more lounge and a lot less punk.

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