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(all remastered from poor - good quality cassettes unless stated otherwise)

Rod Pobestek with Lindsay OMeara & Gordon Renouf - unreleased
01 It Can Be Done
02 If You Go Down
03 Vision Of Me

Hope Is A New Coat - unreleased
04 Clarinet
05 Cryptic
06 Flabby Cushionhead
07 Nothing To Complain About
08 One More Time
09 Organ
10 Y

Famous - unreleased 11-12 studio, rest live
11 Weetbx in the Beatbox
12 Pockets
13 I Know A Place
14 Mr Parkinson
15 The Train Song
16 Waterbabies

Radio Birdman - Burn My Eye EP 
(remastered from poor vinyl)
17. Smith and Wesson Blues
18. Snake
19. I-94
20. Burned My Eye

Psycho Surgeons - single 
(remastered from poor vinyl)
21. Horizontal Action
22. Wild Weekend

HEY! Birdman! Surgeons! They're not post-punk! Well, no, but I'd cleaned up these tracks and had nowhere else to put them. The Birdman stuff doesn't sound half as good as the completely remastered versions found on the recent Sub-Pop compilation - buy it, it's great. The blood splattered Psycho Surgeons single will always be close to my heart, even if the sentiments expressed are pure punk thrash.

The Pobestek solo material is pretty good with Rod's fantastic guitar work shining through. It  can be seen as a precursor to the Hope Is A New Coat tracks which aren't as good as they could have been but are entertaining at least. Kathy's vocals are amazing.

The Famous tracks are a selection from a cassette of mainly live material that I digitised for Dermott. I've tried to EQ them a bit better - the cassette sounded like a 3rd generation dub and they're what I consider to be the best of their songs. And they really are pretty wonderfull.

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