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The Tame OMearas - previously unreleased except for 01 on A Selection 
(remastered professionally at Studios 301)
01 Curl Curl
02 Mosquito
03 Sweat and Babble

The Tame OMearas - practise session 4 & 5, the rest is live @ Newcastle Grand
(remastered from reasonable quality cassette)
04 Collision
05 Shimmy-In
06 Bah!
07 Shimmy-In
08 Why Much
09 Collision
10 Washing Up
11 Never Say
12 Fister Fister Faster Faster
13 Wednesday Night 7PM

You Peghead You - live @ SideFX 03-04-81
(remastered from reasonable quality cassette)
14 Boring
15 Come Back Meredith, All Is Forgiven
16 She Fall Off

Maestros and Dipsos - 17-21 M-Squared 22-26 FatBoy 
(remastered from reasonable quality cassette)
17 Backslide
18 Heart and Tongue
19 Inertia
20 Sex and Pelt
21 Valley of the Kings
22 Fire Breathing Hole
23 Hollow Comfort
24 I Want to Hear That Sound
25 Immobility
26 One of the People

Fish Shop, Baby -  unreleased
(remastered from reasonable quality cassette)
27 Nervous Boys
28 20 Miles From Home
29 Beam Me Up, Scottie

The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast
(remastered from poor quality vinyl)
30 Tael of a Saeghors

The Tames live and practise material is excellent, even if the audience was underwhelmed. If I remember correctly this night also saw Wild West's only foray to Newscastle backed up by The Limp and Pel Mel as well. The You Peghead You songs are the only existing recordings of the band that I know of. In fact, this performance may well have been the only time they played. The M&D recordings are pretty good although I think the FatBoy sessions are a bit uninteresting. The Fish Shop Baby tracks are all that they ever did and, even though all of the DTF material is available as a properly released CD, I de-clicked my nasty old single anyway.

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