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(all remastered from good quality cassettes unless stated otherwise)
Ya Ya Choral - Live Trade Union Club 26/03/82, 1st night of the choir
01 Nonsense
02 Cowboys Are
03 Godís Buzzsaw
04 Waiting Time

The Goat That Went Om - unreleased
05 The Pirate Song 

Via Veneto - unreleased
06 Empty 

The Limp -  Live Side F/X 03/04/81
07 Red Circles
08 Ghost Train
09 Pony Club

Moral Fibro - unreleased
10 D6
11 Take A Walk In The Sun

Mr Knott  - unreleased
12 Another Way of Walking
13 Talking To A Sleeping Man

Pel Mel - unreleased? 
14 Blood Will Show
15 Water

Prod - cassette only release tracks
16 Bass Groove
17 Laughing

The Same - unreleased?
18 I Canít See You
19 In The Door
20 The World Is Mine

Sekret Sekret - 1st 2 singles 
(remastered from very good vinyl)
21 Charity
22 Hope You Can
23 New King Jack
24 You
25 Moose Beach

The YYC tracks sound pretty good and the choir sounds about as good as we ever got - we did look good at the back of the stage, though. The Limp live also sounds nice and tight but these are the only 3 which seemed that way, unfortunately. I don't actually own any Pel Mel releases on vinyl, which is a shame so these mid period tracks will have to do. The Sekret Sekret songs are all marvellous - 2 of the finest pop singles released in Australia, methinks. And I love just about all of the rest.

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