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The Primitive Calculators : LP? / Live 
(it may be a pre-album rough mix, live selections tape) and the single 
(remastered from poor quality cassette)
01. Canít Stop It
02. Do The Icepick
03. Signals
04. I Wish, I Want, I Need
05. Lullaby
06. Always Gonna Pay
07. Mus In My Eye
08. Beat Goes On
09. Bake In The Sun
10. Nothing
11. Shout
12. single - Canít Stop It
13. single - Do That Dance

Seems Twice - Non-Plussed EP 
(remastered from good quality vinyl- thanks Garry)
14. Salient Feature
15. Wish It Is
16. Non-Plussed
17. Side Effects
18. Column One
19. Warhol
20. No Clear Ideas (Absorption Retention)
21. Real Arafat
22. Metropolitan Recluse
23. Loot At It
24. Abrupt Alteration
25. Anglican War

Tactics - first single
(remastered from poor quality vinyl)
26. Standing By The Window
27. Buried Country
28. Watch My Hands

Scapa Flow - both singles
(remastered from poor quality vinyl)
29. 1st - Endless Sleep
30. 1st - The End
31. At Home and Abroad - Somewhere
32. At Home and Abroad - Melbourne Red (edit)

The Primitive Calulators (see their website) live stuff doesn't seem to match the running order or track list of the album (I think) so I assume it's been dubbed from a pre-release set of songs they were going to decide upon. I remember that Tim and Lindsay had the master tape of the album at one stage although I've no idea why. The Seems Twice EP is just wonderfull stuff (see the page for the live recordings too). The Tactics single is marvellous as well and, except for the over long jam that makes up track 32, so is Scapa Flow.

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