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Tinkily Bonkers

I suppose in the post-punk years it was funny to be un-rock and Ya Ya Choral were very un-rock - self described as "tinkily bonk" or as the dark side of Winnie the Poo by serious rock journalist Mark Mordue.

Tinkily bonk is the sound of a Roland Saturn Nine keyboard and some Casios. YYC loved 'em... The cheaper the better (in true thrifty M-Squared style).

The opposite of YYC was the sons and sons of pub rock that had taken control the imagination of emerging post-punk boy bands. 

Tinkily bonk was about boys and girls and there were many boys and girls in the bands that played at the Tinkily Bonk balls at St Peters' Parish Hall on Devonshire Street.

It was a brief un-rock event... Despised by un-tinkily-bonkers and also some within M-Squared.

Other honorary tinkily bonkers who never played at the balls were:

Laughing clowns (just joking!)
The Reels
Stereolab (with a Tardis)

Not many actually.

If we had stuck at it maybe one of our songs would have been used for the NRL theme song... I wonder which one?

Also - I must apologise for my friend the chocolate cake (R.I.P.) using a YYC song title for their band name.

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