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Michael T

Warning: Don't Leave Your Instruments Overnight at M-Squared

M-Squared released its first vinyl in October 1980: the "Rural" 12 inch EP by the Systematics, the "Just Not True" single by EST and a compilation, "Growing Pains". 

Disclaimer: Wildlife Documentaries, EST, Xero, The Same, The Coolies

The decision to release the single by EST was not a good idea. I still think we shouldn't have released it. The ill-considered release of EST was repeated in future unconsulted msquids such as Xero, The Same, The Coolies, and (urgggh) Wildlife Documentaries.

We put the Scattered Order "Screaming Trees" EP on hold to release EST. And never released the wonderful Height Dismay recordings!

Dru (Height Dismay) was at the heart and soul of the M-Squared endeavour. A magnificent artist... I wish her stuff had seen light of day. 

The schism and demise within M-Squared began with the release of EST.


However, we were so proud of "Rural" and "Growing Pains". These two EPs, along with "Screaming Tree", "The Vessels" by (Makers of) The Dead Travel Fast and the M-Squared Xmas cassette capture a time when anything was possible. 

Other bands would come to the studio to record and leave their instruments for the next day's recording. Overnight a new M-Squared hybrid band would record using their instruments. Hence there are lots of tracks that used Popular Mechanic's Farfisa organ etc. The M-Squared core bands could not afford their own instruments so we used everyone else's.

We liked it when rock bands recorded, cos then we had drums to play with.

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