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Dermot Browne

Put succinctly, I'd say that apart from the pop bands who were interested in actually playing songs, the scene was primarily a 'wank'. I don't mean that in a totally negative sense, wanking can be intensely pleasurable, I'm told. It's just the rationale for making 'challenging' music struck me, in retrospect, as being more about the perverse pleasure of the players than about actually communicating or connecting with people. 
But, so what? 

The 'noise' was an integral part of this young suburban boy's awakening - Bright lights, big city, sex, drugs & alt.rock'n'roll for sure... but also I discovered a lot about friendship, politics, art, food, self-respect, culture and, oddly, responsibilty - by hanging around the fringes of the so-called scene.

Peace and love 

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