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This collection of photos were taken (mostly) by either Annette or myself and were scanned directly from the B&W negatives. We wouldn't have printed all these at the time because the cost was prohibitive and so there are some real gems amongst this lot. The quality of the negatives is reasonable - there's a lot of hair and dirt on many of them but they scrub up pretty well for web use.

You can also see lots of other photos  here

22/03/2004 - Also check out ANNE KAY'S Fantastic Band Pictures

Crime and the City Solution - Blondies 1979

A few weeks before they went to Melbourne.

Voigt/465 - Macquarie Uni 1978

Pretentious as all get out.

The Limp, Wild West, Pel Mel, Scapa Flow - SideFX - date unknown

I think that this was one of the first SideFX nights.

The Reels - The Governor's Pleasure 16/01/1981

Who were the support bands?

The Cross Dressing Party - Tame O'Mearas and another band - date ?

Every one has to have one of these sometimes?

A Splendid Mess - Brownies - 17/01/1981

Explosive by the looks of it.

Wild West - Cellblock - supporting The Birthday Party

Boy that place echoed.

(Makers of) The Dead Travel Fast - SideFX 23/02/1981

They certainly were a bunch of good looking boys. No ideas on any of the names, though. Help me out...

M-Squared - Brownies - March 1981

This may have been one of the nights recorded fro the Boxed Brownies cassette.

Pel Mel - Governor's Pleasure - date unknown

Lovely building to play in.

Sekret Sekret - First Night of the Marquee Club 20/03/1981

Can't remember this night at all, nor the venue, really.

Pel Mel - The Rockgarden (on William Street before the hill) - date unknown

Everyone played at this place, big and small.

The Limp and The Bane O'Mearas - The Governor's Pleasure - date ?

It looks like a free for all / jam / all the band members mixed up + others as well.

The Limp, Wild West, (Makers of) The Dead Travel Fast - SideFX - date ?

Lots of light on this night.

The Tame O'Mearas - Rockgarden - date unknown

More personel augmentation.

Scapa Flow - Sussex Hotel - date unknown

Cramped and heavy.

Tames, Limp, Wild West, Pel Mel - Newcastle Grand - date unknown

The Tame O'Mearas.

The Limp.

Wild West.



Tsk Tsk Tsk - Cellblock 23/02/1981 (support was The Slugfuckers last gig)

I vaguely remember that they were special, if boomy.

Use No Hooks - Trade Union Club - 08/06/1981

A momentous event for many reasons.

The Limp, Systematics, A Splendid Mess - Brownies - date unknown

Maybe this was a Boxed Brownies night? I have no idea, really.

The Limp, Systematics, Pel Mel, supporting Hunters and Collectors
1st Sydney gig for H&C - Redfern Town Hall - 29/08/1981

I arrived late and wasn't impressed by the huge numbers of people - why didn't they come to all the other shows??

Via Veneto, Wild West - chaotic last WW gig - Brownies - 08/09/1981

PA problems aplenty this night.

Hope Is A New Coat - Parish Hall - October 1981

The first version of the band (without Rod).

Unknown Band, No-V-Bleet, Scapa Flow - Trades Hall - October 1981

This unknown all female band has very familiar faces including Glenys from Via Veneto.

No-V-Bleet looking suitably serious.

The ALWAYS serious Scapa Flow - this must have been the 1st  gig supporting their 2nd single.

The Systematics Last Performance - Trade Union Club - 01/01/1982

One of the most hilarious hours of my life.

No-V-Bleet and 1st Night of Ya Ya Choral - Mosman Hotel(?) - 12/02/1982

No-V-Bleet (they were a handsome bunch).

Ya Ya Choral - a bit tentative as I remember (it's only been a month or so since they got together).

No-V-Bleet and Ya Ya Choral - 1st night of choir - TUC - date unknown

All fun is here.

The Hot Half Hour Big Band and HiaNC- TUC - 26/04/1982

Big, brassy, jazzy rock - oh so sophisticated in Melbourne! Including members of Tsk Tsk Tsk and Equal Local. Thanks to Kim B for the updates.

I'm fairly sure Hope Is A New Coat supported the Big Band this night - but the backdrop is different!

Scattered Order - venue unknown - date unknown

Can't remember a thing about this night.

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