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[ Sydney Post Punk Band Pics ]

Most of these photos were taken with dedication and love by

Peter Nelson and Annette Jones

(and, maybe, one or two others).

My thanks to you all.

I've also added ANOTHER PAGE with the last of the more personal pics from my albums

22/03/2004 - Also check out ANNE KAY'S Fantastic Band Pictures

23/03/2004 - Also check out THE LAST BATCH Of My Band Pictures



      At Bigge Park, Liverpool, our first real performance, mid 1978...

      At Axent Studios, Kogarah, late 1978 for the recording of the single...       At Darling Harbour, late 1978, for a self financed concert under the pylons...       
     At an impromptu gig in the space under our practise room/Mark's flat
      At Sydney University, supporting The Radiators (Ken Wests' first promotion!)       At Wollongong University       At French's Wine Bar - Our first real gig       Miscellaneous

Wild West

Scapa Flow

Seems Twice 

The Systematics

      Last Performance - Trade Union Club

The Slugfuckers


Pel Mel / The Limp

The Makers of The Dead Travel Fast

The Tame Omearas

Ya Ya Choral

Scattered Order

Sekret Sekret


Crime and The City Solution (initially a Sydney band but Simon Bonney moved it to Melbourne) 

Via Veneto

Hope Is A New Coat

Fish Shop, Baby


Swami Binton : Michael (Charlie) Thomas, Mark Davies, Paul Davies, Lindsay Ratcliffe


No Night Sweats (some sort of promotional photos)




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