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[ Anne Kay's Pics ]

All of these lovely photographs were taken by our delightfull friend Anne Kay and have been scanned from B&W prints or large format colour slides within her archive. Anne was a confidant of the No-V-Bleet crew and, later, helped Maestros and Dipsos with gigs and so on. She's now an established artist - visit her website now.

You can also see lots of other photos (not by Anne) here

23/03/2004 - Also check out THE LAST BATCH Of My Band Pictures

Maestros and Dipsos

The earlier version with duelling singers supporting I'm Talking at the San Miguel.  

The later version with duelling guitars.  

Moral Fibro

The only pics I've seen of this band. The venue may be the Evil Star in Surry Hills.  



Supporting Ya Ya Choral at the Mosman Hotel.  

Supporting Ya Ya Choral at Stranded.  

The First Tinkily Bonk Ball

Once again, the only shots I've seen of this night. Pandemonium did not fill the air but good fun was had by (almost) all.

Ya Ya Choral 

Mosman Hotel or Trade Union Club. 

Another Parish Hall night. 


Other shots 

The pics that don't fit anywhere else. 

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