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Chapter Music - CH

Released in March 2007

01. Primitive Calculators - I Can't Stop It 02:19
02. Primitive Calculators - Do That Dance 02:46
03. Primitive Calculators - Signals 02:39
04. Primitive Calculators - Beat Goes On 03:37
05. Primitive Calculators - Mud In My Eye 02:24
06. Primitive Calculators - Shout 04:51
07. Primitive Calculators - Do That Dance (Unplugged) 04:45
08. Too Fat To Fit Through The Door - Flintstones Meet The Flintstones 02:10
09. Morpions - Point Blank 01:23
10. The Take - Summer 02:36
11. Ronnie and the Rhythm Boys - Hey Joe 02:32
12. Thrush And the Cunts - 1,2,3,4 02:01
13. Thrush And the Cunts - In Bed She's A Circus 01:12
14. Zye Ye Ye - Zye Ye Ye 02:37
15. Take Two - Lamppost To Lamppost 05:02
16. The Egg - Let Her Know 03:49
17. Dave Light - Rumple 01:36

The last of the Primitive Calculators' stuff to be re-released and, in many, many ways, it's more substantial than the expanded live album that came out a couple of years ago. It compiles their excoriating lo-fi electro single (+ some practise session and live material) and all of the "Little Bands" EPs and singles. I've always been ambivalent to these brash, noisy experiments but there's no doubting their intensity and elementalism nor their importance in the stream of Australian underground music, both at the time and now: you can hear elements of their sound in hundreds of bands today (check out the 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog for a great coverage of this stuff). Once again, thanks to Guy Blackman for his continuing fondness for the period . 

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