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Dermot Browne

A potted History Of Famous

Famous formed in Sydney in 1984.

Members  previous bands included
ya ya choral
pel mel
via venito
swami binton/fruitshop

First gig was supporting Maestros and Dipsos at the long gone, and rarely lamented, Yugal Soccer Club near Central Station. Who could forget that whacked-out Polynesian sunset wallpaper!

Last gig was a rather tragic birthday party for a drug-fucked scenester at the Labor Club in Surry Hills. 

In between, Famous played to ever an dwindling numbers of mildly bemused punters at all the required inner city dens, dives and dumps including the Trade, the Hopetown, the Palace Hotel, the Strawberry Hills, the Graphic Arts Club, the Evening Star, several clubs in Kings X that probably didn't even have names. Famous even travelled as far afield as Mortdale and Newcastle, to more mild bemusement.

As well doing their own gigs, Famous shared the stage with many interseting bands including, 
Maestros and Dipsos 
Severed Heads
Scattered Order
John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong
The Tall Shirts
Plug Uglies
Lonely Sheep
Craven Fops

The musical influences at play in Famous were quite varied, and often contradictory, and along with whatever was in vogue that week, included;

jangly UK pop (Orange Juice, Smiths, Buzzcocks)
disco (Shanon, Chic)
classic alt.rock (Velvets, Beefheart)
electronic / odd funk (New Order, Certain Ratio)
country / rockabilly (Patsy Cline / Sun Records stuff)
Brazilian / grown up music (Astrid Gilberto / Nino Rota / John Cage)

At first, Famous played only originals, but as the years wore on they began to interpret/murder a wide range well known songs including:

Frankie Teardrop (Suicide)
What Presence? (Orange Juice)
Red Cadilac & Black Mustache (Carl Perkins?)
Slow Moon's Rose (Slap Happy)
My World is Empty (the Supremes)
My Head is My Only House Unless it Rains (Capt. Beefheart)
Venus (Shocking Blue)
Touch Me (The Doors)
Jeanne  (The Smiths)
His Latest Flame (Elvis)

Famous described in the local music press (Ram  / On the Street etc) around 1985 as; 
"guitar pop oddness" 
"smartarse dilettantism" 
"a gawkilly relaxed mood of weirdness and accessibility"
"three parts Smiths, one part bent humour" 
"M Squared cronies and hangers-on"
"clever appealing and gifted"
"pop gone strange"
"lazy air of informality about them ....balancing the humour with songs of powerful pop beauty"

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